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Product Instruction Sheets

Here are copies of the Instruction Sheets for each product for you to download. 

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read these files.  Download it for free by clicking on the link if you don't already have it on your PC.

Trial Size Products

Tester Products (excluding Marvellous Melts / MicroNeem)


Conditioning Shampoo (Original 4 Oil, LTT Lavender, Lavender, Just For Boars, Posh 'n' Go, EasiRinse)

Lice 'n' Easy Shampoo

Manuka & Neem Shampoo

Mini-Pig Shampoo

Base Shampoo For Pregnant Sows

Marvellous Melts

Aloe Melt, CocoNeem Melt



Lotions / Gels / Creams

Lotions & Gels


Foot Ointments

Perfect Paws & Happy Soles

Pregnant Sow Products

Designed especially for pregnant sows - no Essential Oils.

Insect Deterrents

Buzz Off Concentrate

Bugs Be Gone

Current Price List

August 2013 Price List








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