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Our Ointments are designed especially to help piggies with sore feet and mouths.  Hard, cracked or scabby skin is no longer a problem and you will see an improvement within just a few days. Rapid improvements have also been seen in guineas that have Bumblefoot. Ointments are usually made with beeswax and vegetable oils, but we've made ours with a vegetable wax so it is suitable for vegans as well as vegetarians.  No essential oils are used, so it is suitable for all piggies including pregnant sows.  Average shelf life = 10 to 12 months.

Perfect Paws Ointment

Perfect Paws Ointment is designed especially to help piggies with sore feet.  Hard or cracked skin is no longer a problem and you should see an improvement within just a few days.   

Here is what Wendi at Thistle Cavies Rescue had to say after taking the Perfect Paws Ointment for a test drive:

"Once again you have made a product that does the job and does it well.  I had four sows in that had been kept on sawdust and their paws were very, very red.  The skin was on the point of breaking down, and had already broken on a couple of paws on one piggy.  Within two days I noticed that healing was taking place, one week later, I now have almost 100% healing on all four sows.  A couple more days and even the worst ones will be perfect - thank you."

Now your guinea can wheek the wheek and walk the walk!  Gorgeous Guineas Perfect Paws Ointment makes soles so soft, and hard, cracked skin a thing of the past.  The ointment is easily absorbed making it efficient and practical for the humans applying it.  Perfect Paws will soften and soothe those forgotten feet, treating them with the care they deserve.  Put the popcorn back into your guinea's step and get some now!

Dogs with sore paws / cracked skin can also benefit from using Perfect Paws Ointment.  It has been given the thumbs up by a dog groomer in Wales who regularly uses our products on dogs!

Available in 10gm, 20gm or dog-size 50gm pots. Larger sizes are available on request.

F&M Ointment (formerly Happy Soles)

Can be used for guineas with Bumblefoot or mouth sores / scabs.

Bumblefoot (also know as Pododermatitis) is a swelling / ulceration of the foot pad that can be very painful for a guinea. The condition is often bacterial in origin but can also be fungal, and is difficult to treat. Vets often prescribe antibiotics such as Baytril, together with Rimadyl which helps with inflammation / pain relief.  It can also be helpful to soak the affected foot in a dilute solution of Iodine each day.  These work with varying degrees of success – it seems that there is no one easy answer to this problem and several options need to be tried.

We’ve now produced an ointment to try and help this condition – Happy Soles. So far the results have been very promising and the feet have been healing from the inside out. Given that skin takes around 28 days to renew itself, this is never going to be a "quick fix", so patience is required.

As with any skincare product or drug, this ointment does not work in all cases, but the majority of guineas that have tried it have shown an improvement within a week.  Where older guineas have sore feet due to other problems such as poor mobility due to older age / Osteodystrophy / Arthritis or heart problems, they need to be helped in other ways too.  To ensure that they are kept warm, dry and comfortable, Vet Bed can be used instead of normal bedding. 

Click here for more information and to read about Polly's Success Story.

Mouth sores/ scabs can be caused by guineas eating acidic food (such as apples or tomatoes), or by bacterial or fungal infections. This ointment can help whatever the source of the problem. Please note: you DO NOT need to remove the mouth scabs before applying the Ointment. This is recommended on some sites, but is painful for the guinea and not nice for the human. The Ointment will soften the scabs and they will come off in their own time.


Available in 10gm, 20gm or 50gm pots. Larger sizes are available on request.

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